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The Most Useless person on the Czech market of the year 2017

I have been working in the travel and tourism industry since 1995. Every year, I meet hundreds of people holding the posts of “Sales & Marketing” in a wide spectrum of different hotels, resorts, and airline companies. I can not appreciate tens of people doing excellent or great work. I do respect young people building their careers in the new posts, for many of them the Czech Republic represents a specific country and I am happy to help them and give them my advice. At the same time, I keep meeting managers travelling into my country for many years, though without any signs of at least minimum improvement in their approach. I do not know their work commitment and results in their home countries and other countries, where they have been working. However, I can subjectively compare and assess their behavior and asset for the business in my country. If a person shows in the Czech Republic, for many years and repeatedly, his/her indifference, misunderstanding and arrogance and in a long-term, though unwittingly, damages the business, such a person deserves my negative award. If in the past hints have not helped, maybe such person will finally recognize his/her mistakes and will take some effort to eliminate them and/or will give up his/her post and/or the company management will replace him/her.

For the year 2017, Ms. Jenny Canta (née Nax), Head of Sales & Marketing (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe & Baltics), LUX* Island Resorts Ltd., 60356 Frankfurt, Germany has been awarded The Most Useless person on the Czech market of the year 2017 according to Mr Libor Sevcik.

Exercise of the post, as carried-out by the laureate, I consider as totally worthless and counter-productive. Throughout the whole year 2017, successful from the sales point of view, Ms. Canta sent me only 1 (in words: one) e-mail (14.08.2017), where she even did not manage to call me by my name successfully. In the years 2016 and 2017, she did not manage to come from Frankfurt to Prague at least once. During the entire year, she did not write a single e-mail describing ongoing sales. In my view, by this approach she demonstrated her personal lack of understanding of another country, absence of independency and inability to make decision even in her high post, which can not be beaten by nice smile and expensive dress. She managed to harm sales work of tens of people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and hundreds of people, rendering their services in hotels in Mauritius.

The Most Useless person #1 The Most Useless person #1 The Most Useless person #1 The Most Useless person #1